16F628a Simple Program Code

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Official Home Page of the Roman Black. Welcome to www. Roman. Black. com Software Designs RobotCNC Math Cool Products Electronics Other History Hippyware License Last Updated 2. May 2. 01. 3. The secret to minimalist designis to reduce the parts to what MUST be thereto get the task done. But before that you reduce the task itself. Detecting sound location using speed of sound sonic ranging. An experiment showing that its possible to use cheap electret microphones. This could be used to make tap detecting keyboard control surfaces etc. April 2. 01. 3 Cheap RF modules made easyMarch 25, 2005. If you log onto the Kit Forum you will see Bob Axtell is hard at work redesigning MicroPro, and doing a new PIC ProgrammerKit 185. Svp Crack. Target Device ID 00000000 does not match expected Device ID 00001200 trying to connect pickit3 with 16Bit 28Pin Starter Development Board but getting a ID. Hello, Im trying to write some data into flash memory, to make it available after reset. I would like to use writeflashword16 to do this, but I have some trouble. EasyProg PIC Programmer Last Updated 14 July 2008 This product has been discontinued. The EasyProg is a low cost device for writing the program and other information. In this tutorial we set up the PicKit 3 in order to be able to program our Pic 16f628a Please send me some suggestions for projects or contact me if you. LED-Binary-Clock.jpg?x49121' alt='16F628a Simple Program Code' title='16F628a Simple Program Code' />I show how to use and test cheap Ebay 4. MHz and 3. 15. MHz RF modules for. PIC PIC and PIC PC USB. Shows how to use the. PIC USARTS directly for ease of use, and introduces a better data protocol. April 2. 01. 3 DC motor at very precise clockwork like speed. A cheap PIC and any old DC motor can be made to move at a very precise slow speed. Jan 2. 01. 3 DIY SMD microscope for 4. Using an old VGA computer monitor and a few ebay goodies I whipped up. SMD inspection microscope. Sept 2. 01. 2 PIC code to make high resolution decimal frequencies. Microcontroller PIC Projects are categorized on the basis of microcontroller applications. Microchip pic microcontrollers belongs to modern family of MCUs. This site describes how to build a lowbudget DIY Canon RC1 infrared remote control clone based on an AVR microcontroller. Schematic. Download schematic in PDF Circuit Description. The heart of the LED chaser is the PIC 16F628A microcontroller, IC2. The program that runs on this. Instructions and resources on how to build an USB programmer for PIC micros, I2CSPIMicroWireOneWireUNIO EEPROMs, ATMEL micros, I2C SPI devices, completely open. PIC 1. 6F6. 28. A or any PIC1. PIC1. 8, this is some a very simple. Hz to 5. 00. 00. 0. F628a Simple Program Code' title='16F628a Simple Program Code' />Hz. Hz steps, and using any old xtal frequency you have handy Aug 2. A hardware random number generator. F628a Simple Program Code' title='16F628a Simple Program Code' />PIC 1. F6. 28. A, that is cheap to build and produces excellent. AC mains. waveform. Also a new category on my web page Encryption and random. Mar 2. 01. 2 Kits on sale now for my high res Cap. Meter A gentleman has produced kits for my Cap. Meter design, please see the link. Most of my work on this page is Hippyware. Copyright or otherwise. BTc PICsound. One bit sound recordingplayback on a PIC. One of my best works, this is PC software that displays a 8 bit mono sound. WAV file and ENCODES it into a 1 bit bitstream The bitstream can. PIC or other micro with one digital. RC network. Now updated to v. BTc Encoder manages Sound Library files, and can export. BTL format. to be loaded direct into the. Super. Find 2. 0 for Windows. A super fast file finder program, Super. Find is a very handy tool to find. PC instantly. A programmers helper, Hex. Con is a small fast tool to convert between. Decimal Hex Binary. It can also display PC keyboard codes. To. Metric 1. 0 for Dos. A fast and accurate imperial metric converter for Gerber files, To. Metric. is suitable for CAD and PCB Gerber files. EE Draw 1. 0 for Dos. EEDraw is software that lets you draw circuit diagrams, flowcharts etc. TEXT symbols and can be saved as a normal text file This is ideal for adding diagrams inside your text emails and. A Binary Clock for WindowsHere is a working binary clock that runs under Windows and uses my. Black Standard. for easy readable binary clocks. I have also provided. Borland C Builder in case you want to make your own. Windows binary clock. Wav. Mak Waveform Maker. This is software that reads numerical data from a text file. Useful for audio testing. Oct 2. 01. 1. Mikro. Electronica Smart. GLCD PIC module v. Feb 2. 01. 1. This module contains a large PIC 1. F and a big 2. 40x. GLCD. with touchpanel. Also I did some tutorials and projects. Smart. GLCD tutorials. NEW for 1. 3th Oct. I review the PIC Smart. GLCD new version v. Mikro. Electronica BIGPIC6 PIC development board review. This development board works with the big 8. PICs like 1. 8F8. And of course I did some nice. BIGPIC6 RS2. 32 projects. Mikro. Electronica Easy. PIC6 PIC development board review. Finally my new Easy. PIC6 arrives I review it and compare to my. Easy. PIC4. I also did some fun. Easy. PIC6 projects. Book review PIC Microcontrollers Bert van Dam. I review the book PIC Microntrollers 5. Projects for Beginners and Experts. Bert van Dam. The Micro Grid Tie project. My design for absolute minimalist topology of a half wave grid tie inverter. AC mains grid. Measuring Stepper Motors. Apparatus that can be quickly put together to measure the torque and. Good CNC Designs I have found. Here are a few examples of well designed CNC setups, some commercial, some Home. CNC. I have commented on the designs. The Black RNG Engine. A software algorithm I developed to generate highly entropic data random numbers. PIC micro. For use in encryption and probability predictive systems. Page updated Dec 2. Black Random Number Generator. This is Windows software to generate 1mbyte of high entropy data under. It generates random data using my Black RNG algorithm seen. Aug 2. 01. 2. A hardware random number generator using just a PIC 1. F6. 28. A, that is. AC mains waveform. RNG data is output via serial at 9. Prime. Finder 1. 0. Another helper tool for programmers and math guys, Prime. Finder lets you. instantly find a prime number closest to the number you enter, or tells. It supports all decimal numbers. This is software that can hide any file within a standard Bitmap image. The hidden file cannot be seen and can only be extracted with this program. Updated 2. 1st Feb 2. Zero error 1 second timer algorithm for PIC. Based on Bresenhams algorithm, my implementation will generate a 1 second. ANY frequency crystal or ANY. An obvious use is to add a one second clock pulse to. MHz etc. PIC source code supplied. NEW 2. 1st Nov 2. Added ZEZJ This is a. Zero Error Zero Jitter algorithm, it produces an exact xtal locked period. PERIOD constant. NEW 2. Feb 2. 01. 1 Added DTMF sine generating example 1. April 2. 01. 3. DC motor at very precise clockwork like speed. A cheap PIC and any old DC motor can be made to move at a very precise slow speed. The BTc 1 bit sound encoding algorithm and variants. A re write of my BTc Binary Time Constant sound encodingcompression algorithm. The Black DTMF decoding algorithm. A couple of systems I developed for decoding DTMF touchtone codes on. PIC. The systems use a combination of period measuring. It sounds complex. Apr 2. 01. 1. Black. Net serial network protocol. This is a simple way to have a large number of serial devices on a. Integer Degree Algorithm. An algorithm I developed to generate a result in integer degrees 0 3. XY vector, fast and with no trig math needed. It can be used to. XY move of a robot or CNC machine, or to. XY accelerometer. PIC thread, multi thread parallel processing using PICs. I create some simple systems to do multi thread type projects a form of. PIC microcontroller. There are code examples and some simple PIC multi thread projects. The Black Standard for binary clocks. This is my standard for easily viewable binary clocks. An adaptation of. Click HERE to see them. Here are some pictures and brief descriptions of stuff I have made. Oct 2. 01. 0 1. 5th Jan 2. DIY SMD microscope for 4. Using an old VGA computer monitor and a few ebay goodies I whipped up. SMD inspection microscope for the workbench. Mikro. E. com. Many of my electronics and PIC projects are developed on these great hardware tools and compilersLini. Stepper stepper motor microstep driver board. Based on a microstep driver I created for my own use, this is now an. PCB and full PIC software. A very high performance. High efficiency 2 transistor SMPS Black regulator. A cheap simple circuit that can replace 3 pin voltage. SMPS efficiency. Can be used as a high efficiency 1. NEW for August 2. Added a page of. high effiency SMPS LED drivers. LEDs NEW for Jan 2. Using just a. PIC as a complete SMPS NEW for Dec 2. Added a. 3 transistor negative voltage generator.