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The Edgar Awards 2. Submissions. This list includes all submissions received by the MWA national office as of November 1. Appearance of your work on this list does not mean you have been nominated for an Edgar Award. It only means your work has been submitted for consideration. Only the judges on each Edgar committee determine who is nominated and who wins. Nominations will be announced on or around Edgar Allan Poes birthday January 1. The winners will be announced at the Edgar Banquet on Thursday, April 2. Best Novel. Abbott, Jeff, BLAMEAbel, James, VECTORAdams, Ellery, THE SECRET, BOOK SCONE SOCIETYAhnhem, Stefan, THE NINTH GRAVEAirth, Rennie George, THE DEATH OF KINGSAkunin, Boris, THE STATE COUNSELLORAlexander, Ellie, DEATH ON TAPAlexander, Tasha, DEATH IN ST. PETERSBURGAllan, Barbara, ANTIQUES FRAMEAllyn, Doug, THE JUKEBOX KINGSAndrews, Donna, GONE GULLAndrews, Donna, HOW THE FINCH STOLE CHRISTMAS Appel, Jacob M., THE MASK OF SANITYArlen, Tessa, A DEATH BY ANY OTHER NAMEArmstrong, Kelley, A DARKNESS ABSOLUTEAtkins, Ace, THE FALLENAxelrod, Steven, NANTUCKET RED TICKETSBailey, Sarah, THE DARK LAKEBaker, Shannon, DARK SIGNALBaldacci, David, THE FIXBaldacci, David, END GAMEBarker, J. D., THE FOURTH MONKEYBarnes, Emily, DEATH IN THE ABSTRACTBarnes, Steven, TWELVE DAYSBarton, Fiona, THE CHILDBauer, Belinda, THE BEAUTIFUL DEADBaugh, Carolyn, SHORELINEBeaton, M. C., DEATH OF A GHOSTBeaton, M. C., THE WITCHES TREEBeck, Haylen, HERE AND GONEBell, Darcey, A SIMPLE FAVORBenn, James R., THE DEVOURINGBenson, Raymond, THE SECRETS ON CHICORY LANEBerenson, Alex, THE PRISONERBerry, Steve, THE LOST ORDERBetley, Matthew, OATH OF HONORBillingham, Mark, RUSH OF BLOODBillingham, Mark, LOVE LIKE BLOODBirtcher, Baron R., SOUTH CALIFORNIA PURPLESBlack, Cara, MURDER IN SAINT GERMAINBlack, Lisa, UNPUNISHEDBlaedel, Sara, THE LOST WOMANBlake, James Carlos, THE WAYS OF WOLFEBlauner, Peter, PROVING GROUNDBolton, Sharon, DEAD WOMAN WALKINGBoone, Ezekie, SKITTERBooth, Claire, ANOTHER MANS GROUNDBowen, Rhys, ON HER MAJESTYS FRIGHTFULLY SECRET SERVICEBowen, Rhys, THE GHOST OF CHRISTMAS PASTBox, C. J., VICIOUS CIRCLEBox, C. J., PARADISE VALLEYBoyce, Trudy Nan, OLD BONESBoylan, Jennifer Finney, LONG BLACK VEILBrady, Conor, A HUNT IN WINTERBrandman, Michael, MISSING PERSONSBrekke, Jorgen, THE FIFTH ELEMENTBrennan, Allison, SHATTEREDBroderick, William, A WHISPERED NAMEBrodrick, William, THE DAY OF THE LIEBrody, Frances, A DEATH IN THE DALESBrody, Frances, DEATH AT THE SEASIDEBrook, Allison, DEATH OVERDUEBrookmyre, Christopher, THE LAST HACKBrown, Janelle, WATCH ME DISAPPEARBrown, Karen, THE CLAIRVOYANTSBrown, Rita Mae, A HISS BEFORE DYINGBrown, Rita Mae, CRAZY LIKE A FOXBrown, Sandra, SEEING REDBuchanan, Tracy, NO TURNING BACKBurnet, Graeme Macrae, THE DISAPPEARANCE OF ADELE BEDEAUBurton, Jeffrey B., THE EULOGISTBuzzelli, Elizabeth Kane, SHE STOPPED FOR DEATHByron, Ellen, A CAJUN CHRISTMAS KILLINGCameron, Marc, TOM CLANCY POWER AND EMPIRECarlisle, Anna, ALL THE SECRET PLACESCarlson, David L., THE HUNTING ACCIDENTCarpenter, Dana Chamblee, THE DEVILS BIBLECarter, M. J., THE DEVILS FEASTCasey, Donis, RETURN OF THE RAVEN MOCKERCasey, Jane, LET THE DEAD SPEAKCastillo, Linda, DOWN A DARK ROADChance, Maia, GIN AND PANICChance, Maia, BAD HOUSEKEEPINGChang, Henry, LUCKYChaon, Dan, ILL WILLChapman, Julia, DATE WITH DEATHChase, Julie, CAT GOT YOUR SECRETSChazin, Suzanne, A PLACE IN THE WINDChercover, Sean, THE SAVIORS GAMEChild, Lee, NO MIDDLE NAMEChild, Lee, THE MIDNIGHT LINEChirovici, E. O., BOOK OF MIRRORSChisholm, P. F., A CLASH OF SPHERESChodosh, Janie, CODE REDChristie, William, A SINGLE SPYChristopher, Adam, KILLING IS MY BUSINESSClark, Marcia, SNAP JUDGEMENTClark, Mary Higgins, ALL BY MYSELF, ALONEClark, Mary Higgins, EVERY BREATH YOU TAKECleave, Paul, A KILLER HARVESTCleeves, Ann, COLD EARTHCleeves, Ann, THE SEAGULLCohen, Nancy J., FACIALS CAN BE FATALCole, Daniel, RAGDOLLColeman, Reed Farrel, WHAT YOU BREAKColeman, Reed Farrel, ROBERT B. PARKERS THE HANGMANS SONNETConnolly, John, A GAME OF GHOSTSConnolly, Sheila, CRUEL WINTERCook, Robin, CHARLATANSCooper, Marla, DYING ON THE VINECopperman, E. Mystery Writers of America 1140 Broadway, Suite 1507 New York, NY 10001 phone 2128888171 fax 2128888107 Email us Facebook Twitter. Read the Latest Entertainment and Celebrity News, TV News and Breaking News from TVGuide. Dogs have loved us for thousands of years, despite humanitys many flaws and foibles. New research suggests dogs were domesticated from wolves just oncethats. Jules Verne Biography Verne became one of the first science fiction writers and penned famous novels, including 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Historical Maps. A threat analyst at the cybersecurity firm Mandiant has been hacked and the attackers are claiming to have lurked on his computer for a year, collecting his login. Flytampa Boston V3 Fsx Scenery here. Tonights most compelling American soccer match was a little tricky to find, but it was well worth your investment. In the quarterfinals of the U. S. Open Cup. Image Deadspin, Photos baseballhall. When discussing Rickey Hendersons HallofFame prospects, Bill James once wrote that if you could split him in two. J., DOG DISH OF DOOMCopperman, E. J., EDITED OUTCorby, Gary, DEATH ON DELOSCotterill, Colin, THE RAT CATCHERS OLYMPICSCoulter, Catherine, ENIGMACoulter, Catherine, Ellison, J. Bendera Merah Putih Cdr. T., THE DEVILS TRIANGLECoyle, Cleo, DEAD COLD BREWCoyle, Matt, BLOOD TRUTHCrider, Bill, DEAD, TO BEGIN WITHCrombie, Deborah, GARDEN OF LAMENTATIONSCrosby, Ellen, THE VINEYARD VICTIMSCross, Mason, WINTERLONGCuffe, Sadie Sophie, BLIND MANS BLUFFCussler, Clive, Scott, Justin, THE CUTTHROATCutter, Nick, LITTLE HEAVENDahl, Julia, CONVICTIONDaly, Paula, THE TROPHY CHILDDarnielle, John, UNIVERSAL HARVESTERDavis, Lindsey, THE THIRD NEROde Castrique, Mark, HIDDEN SCARSde Maria, Giorgio, TWENTY DAYS OF TURINde Muriel, Oscar, A FEVER OF THE BLOODDeaver, Jeffery, THE BURIAL HOURDelaney, J. America Mcgee Alice Crack' title='America Mcgee Alice Crack' />015 Crack Magazine is a free and independent platform for contemporary culture Published and distributed monthly by Crack Industries Ltd. For any distribution. P., THE GIRL BEFOREDelany, Vicki, ELEMENTARY, SHE READDelany, Vicki, BODY ON BAKER STREETDe. Mille, Nelson, THE CUBAN AFFAIRDenfeld, Rene, THE CHILD FINDERDennison, Hannah, MURDEROUS MAYHEM AT HONEYCHURCH HALLDe. Poy, Phillip, THE ENGLISH AGENTDeutermann, P. T., RED SWANDeverell, William, WHIPPEDDial, Connie, THE THIRD HELLDionne, Karen, THE MARSH KINGS DAUGHTERDisher, Gary, SIGNAL LOSSDobbs, Lou, Born, James O., PUTINS GAMBITDoiron, Paul, KNIFE CREEKDonellan, J. M., KILLING ADONISDonlea, Charlie, THE GIRL WHO WAS TAKENDowning, David, LENINS ROLLER COASTERDrew, Alan, SHADOW MANDriscoll, Sara, BEFORE ITS TOO LATEDuncan, Elizabeth J., MUCH ADO ABOUT MURDERDuncan, Elizabeth J., MURDER IS FOR KEEPSDunnett, Kaitlyn, X MARKS THE SCOTEarly, Barbara, A MURDER ON THE TOY TOWN EXPRESSEarly, Hank, HEAVENS CROOKED FINGEREasley, Warren C., BLOOD FOR WINEEastman, Dawn, UNNATURAL CAUSESEgan, Kevin, A SHATTERED CIRCLEEisler, Barry, ZERO SUMEllison, J. T., LIE TO MEElsberg, Marc, BLACKOUTEmmerson, Miranda, MISS TREADWAY AND THE FIELD OF STARSEngel, Amy, THE ROANOKE GIRLSEphron, Hallie, YOULL NEVER KNOW DEAREstleman, Loren D., THE LIONESS IS THE HUNTEREvanovich, Janet, DANGEROUS MINDSEvans, Mary Anna, BURIALSEwan, Chris, LONG TIME LOSTFarrow, John, PERISH THE DAYFitzek, Sebastian, THE NIGHTWALKERFitz. Simmons, Matthew, COLD HARBORFlanders, Judith, A CAST OF VULTURESFlynn, Vince, ENEMY OF THE STATEForstchen, William R., THE FINAL DAYFranze, Anthony, THE OUTSIDERFreeman, Brian, THE NIGHT BIRDFreeman, Brian, MARATHONFriis, Agnete, WHAT MY BODY REMEMBERSFrost, Jacqueline, TWELVE SLAYS OF CHRISTMASGardiner, Meg, UNSUBGardner, Lisa, RIGHT BEHIND YOUGattis, Ryan, SAFEGentill, Sulari, MILES OFF COURSEGentill, Sulari, CROSSING THE LINESGeorge, Nelson, TO FUNK AND DIE IN LAGerber, Daryl Wood, A DEADLY CLAIRGerritsen, Tess, I KNOW A SECRETGiambanco, Valentina, BLOOD AND BONEGilbert, Victoria, A MURDER FOR THE BOOKSGilstrap, John, FINAL TARGETGleason, C.