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Robocall Wikipedia. A robocall is a phone call that uses a computerized autodialer to deliver a pre recorded message, as if from a robot. Robocalls are often associated with political and telemarketing phone campaigns, but can also be used for public service or emergency announcements. Some robocalls use personalized audio messages to simulate an actual personal phone call. Cnc Dovetail Software Ltd. Robocalls can be and are legitimately used by mainstream political parties in Canada to reach voters. Controversy surrounded the use of robocalls during the Canadian federal election, 2. Elections Canada and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to investigate claims that robocalls were used in an attempt to dissuade voters from casting their ballot by falsely telling them their poll stations had changed locations. Elections Canada traced the origin of the automated calls to a disposable cellphone registered to a fictional name Pierre Poutine at a phony address from 4. Joliette, Quebec, and issued a subpoena to the cellphone provider that produced a list of outgoing calls from the same number. One of the calls was to the toll free number used by customers of 2call. Edmonton based Internet Service Provider Rack. Nine, to phone in and record their outgoing messages. The burner cell phone belonging to Pierre Poutine was used to contact the owner of Racknine at his personal unlisted number and gave the name Pierre Jones. This burner phone initiated a series of automated robocalls mostly in Guelph but with a few dozen in other ridings, that targeted mostly non Conservative voters with false voting location changes. Some voters attended what they had been led to believe were their voting locations, and sometimes destroyed their voter registration cards in anger. In November 2. Call Dialer Software Free DownloadRack. Nine with a production order for records and had the account holder associated with the bogus calls quickly identified. Investigators have also examined the Conservative Partys CIMS voter database and showed that Pierre Poutine used the Conservative voter database to select who to call. Investigators have blank entries for one specific login, leading to speculation that evidence has been deleted. Pay. Pal has also surrendered their records to investigators since Pierre Poutine has used a Pay. Pal account to pay for the bill for the automated calls. The cost for these May 2, 2. Elections Canada said in court filings. This expenditure was never reported to Elections Canada, as required for legitimate political spending. Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party of Canada have denied any knowledge or involvement. A Conservative party staffer resigned soon after the scandal was reported but has since come forward stating that he was not involved. Elections Canada has made a statement5 and reported to Parliament,6 that the fraud was extensive, affecting 2. Yukon Territory. 7 The Council of Canadians, a left of centre activist group, has asserted that the robocalls may have been enough to swing the result by 4, enough to win a number of ridings in very close races. A court challenge has been initiated by this group to overturn the results of the election in seven ridings, and initiate by elections for the respective seven House of Commons seats. After reviewing the investigation of the Pierre Poutine scandal in 2. Federal Court Judge Richard Mosley found that election fraud had taken place in six ridings across the country but found no evidence that the Conservative party or candidates were involved. He also did not find sufficient evidence to support charges in ridings other than Guelph. As well, he indicated that the robocalls had not affected the outcome of the 2. After a lengthy investigation of the circumstances of the scandal,9 Michael Sona, the former director of communications for the Conservative candidate in the Guelph Ontario riding1. June 2, 2. 01. 41. Sona was found guilty on November 1. Sona was released from jail on bail after serving twelve days, pending his appeal of the sentence. However, Sona did not appeal the conviction. During the trial, Justice Hearn agreed with the Crown allegation 9 that Sona had likely not acted alone. United StateseditPolitical callseditRobocalls are made by many political parties in the United States, including but not limited to both the Republican and Democratic parties as well as unaffiliated campaigns, 5. Political robocalls are exempt from the United States National Do Not Call Registry. The Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1. TCPA and Federal Communications Commission FCC regulations prohibit anyone including charities, politicians and political parties from making robocalls to cell phone numbers without the recipients prior consent. The FCC permits non commercial robocalls to most residential non cellular telephone lines. The federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1. TCPA regulates automated calls. All robocalls, irrespective of whether they are political in nature, must do two things to be considered legal. Federal law requires all telephone calls using pre recorded messages to identify who is initiating the calls and include a telephone number or address whereby the initiator can be reached. Some states 2. 3 according to DMNews have laws that regulate or prohibit political robocalls. Indiana and North Dakota prohibit automated political calls. In New Hampshire, political robocalls are allowed, except when the recipient is in the National Do Not Call Registry. Many states require the disclosure of who paid for the call, often requiring such notice be recorded in the candidates own voice. Dialer_SQL.png' alt='Call Dialer Software Free Download' title='Call Dialer Software Free Download' />With its simple and intuitive user interface, Laptop is the solution to making high quality calls for a fraction of the cost. Utilizing the latest the latest. Use this VoIP softphone to make phone calls from your computer. Supports call recording, call conferencing and more using SIP. Free software download for PC or Mac. The patch work of state laws regulating political robocalls has created problems for national campaigns. CaliforniaeditCalifornia prohibits any robocall unless there is an existing relationship. The California Public Utilities Code 2. The guidelines are A person must come on the line before the recording to identify the nature of the call and the organization behind it. The recipient of the call must consent to the recording being played. The call must be disconnected from the telephone line as soon as the message is over or the recipient hangs up, whichever comes first. IndianaeditIndiana requires introduction of any prerecorded message by a live operator the message may only be played if the called party grants permission. MissourieditIn September 2. Missouri Attorney General. Jay Nixon alerted political campaigns in Missouri that his office would aggressively enforce federal rules Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1. North CarolinaeditRobocalls were made during the 2. North Carolina Democratic primary, targeting African American voters in the days leading up to the primary in late April 2. According to NPR3. Facing South,3. 3 these calls were made by the organization Womens Voices Women Vote. Voters and watchdog groups complained that it was a turnout suppression effort, and the state Attorney General Roy Cooper ordered them to stop making the calls. The group stopped the calls and no further legal action was taken. South CarolinaeditSouth Carolina had a law prohibiting most types of unsolicited consumer and political robocalls, but in 2. Robert Cahaly was arrested by the South Carolina State Law Enforcement Division, being charged for making illegal robocalls to six state house districts. The automated opinion polling system asked whether U.