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Adafruit Industries, Unique fun DIY electronics and kits LCDs Displays Tools Gift Certificates Arduino Cables Sensors LEDs Books Breakout Boards Power EL Wire. Arduino Uno R3 USB Microcontroller. I recently found Robot. Shop and they have been great at assisting me with my Arduino needs. Posted on 1. This is a stable productsPosted on 1. A superb product. Excellent and addresses our needs for use. Posted on 831. As usual, Robotshop always ship ASAP and of course give the best products condition Posted on 61. We use this on all our Ammo. Bot drive systemsPosted on 681. I believe Arduino Uno is revolutionary product in micro controller industry. This product has open source software which can be used foe advanced control algorithm. Posted on 611. Simple and easy to use product, prefect for both prototyping and development purpose,And always fast processing and shipping from robotshop, Thank youPosted on 51. Fantastic not a clone. Spent 2 weeks trying to get My CNC project to work turns out it was the cheap clone I got elsewhere top qualityPosted on 51. All as expected for this product, not a cheap knockoff. No issues. Posted on 591. Very easy to program, good Library and many exemples. Posted on 42. Nice that Arduino has added a plastic carrier, very handy. BUT they have changed their connectors I think they are custom to combat cheap knock offs unfortunately they are of a cheaper plastic than the originals and may fail prematurely will have to see. Posted on 421. Looking forward to playing with these items. USA. com provides easy to find states, metro areas, counties, cities, zip codes, and area codes information, including population, races, income, housing, school. B5/dac7a077-d4c3-4ee5-980e-172fd73485ff.jpg' alt='Cute Tv Usb Driver' title='Cute Tv Usb Driver' />Nice doing business with you. Posted on 22. Looking forward to playing with these items. Nice doing business with you. Posted on 22. Arduino UNO board is well supported board on their web site. Posted on 21. 31. Good product and servicePosted on 21. I have not used the Arduino extensively, but I found it relatively easy to set up and to start coding. I/81oqB8WS4AL._SY606_.jpg' alt='Cute Tv Usb Driver' title='Cute Tv Usb Driver' />Cute Tv Usb DriverI did purchase a cookbook to help though. I think I am going to have some fun with it. Posted on 21. An original Arduino Uno board, works perfectly and does what its supposed to do Posted on 291. Posted on 281. 7Solid platform to learn embedded coding and hardware integration and an invaluable tool in any technologists collectionPosted on 12. Been having a blast playing around with thisPosted on 11. I am very pleased with Robot. Shop. The products work very well and delivered quicklyPosted on 121. This arrived on time, and everything seems to work properly. Seems like a great product. Posted on 1. Good micro controller and it comes with a nice housing and packaging Posted on 1. Works well and arrived on time. ThanksPosted on 1. The order arrived quickly and well packaged. Also items on Robot. Shop. com seem very competitively prices. Posted on 1. This is a great product for people wanting to get started with microcontrollers, its loaded with programs already and they are fun to play withPosted on 1. Our company makes custom shields for neuroscience labs and we pretty much buy these boards by the hundreds. Winx Blu-Ray Decrypter V3.0.0.8-Laxity more. We buy from Robot Shop because, so far in our experience, they only stock the dependable official Unos from Arduino. None of the sketchy Chinese knock offs. Posted on 92. Cant wait to start using itPosted on 961. We have bought several of these and they have all worked flawlessly. Posted on 81. Good product. We bought 5 and had one board with one pin defectuous. Otherwise, it works well, it is compatible with linux. Numerotation of pins is not really simple to understand why is the pin n1 not a simple analogic pin, but its easy to fix this little problemPosted on 771. Worked flawlessly right out the box, great device to teach with. Posted on 62. These were purchased as prizes for a student conference. Excellent service, quick delivery, and the best price locally by Robotshop. Highly recommended, would definitely buy again. Posted on 62. These were bought as prizes for a student conference. Micro Sd Memory Card Unlocker Software For Pc more. Great service, fast delivery, and best price by Robotshop. Highly recommended, will definitely purchase again. Posted on 62. We use Arduino as our controller in our Ammo. Bot machines. The real deal Arduinos are much better than the cheap, Chinese knock offs that you can find on other websites. Do yourself a favor, buy the real thing. I havent found a better price on genuine Arduino boards anywhere else. Posted on 62. 41. This arduino has the highest compatibility with arduino shields I think. Posted on 51. 81. I am very pleased with this product and with Robot. Shop. This product is very prefect to build autonomous systems, simple and great support from forum and developer. All of my order arrived with good condition, on time and of course original product. Thank youPosted on 51. De nombreuses heures dapprentissage et de plaisirs. Posted on 42. Great board. Really fast delivery. Posted on 41. Original Arduino board, works greatPosted on 32. I have two Unos already and enjoyed doing a few projects with them. That is why I have purchased two more. Posted on 31. Excellent experience with my first project. I purchased this board to make my project permanent and keep my original board for testing new projects. Posted on 22. Posted on 22. Progea Movicon Itunes. Super board. Works great. Deluvery was extremely fast. Thanks Robot Shop. Posted on 22. They work as expectedPosted on 22. Very good experience with this Arduino board so far Delivery arrived on time with no let downsThe labeling on the side of the board is awesome I would definitely buy of Robot. Shop again Posted on 21. I dont give reviews often, but this delivery was so super fast and you just have a fantastic stock Arduino is just a great product as isI make my own boards, but when i want a quick fixi buy a arduino and the shield to use and im good to go. Posted on 291. Ive bought a few Arduino clones and can honestly say the board Robot. Shop is selling is an official Arduino and of really good quality. One of the things that stand out is the labeling printed on the input sockets, you can tell which pin you are using at a glance. I ended buying another 3 of them after I received the first one and realised just how good a board an original Arduino actually is. Posted on 12. I love this boardIt makes prototyping projects really easy as all the pins are connected to headers, once finished and its up and running, its time to program the ATTINY chip. Posted on 11. While the Arduino software language has some limitations compared to C, these gadgets are great when you need to quickly develop something. The best thing about Arduino is you can find example code for almost any application. However it would still be complicated to troubleshoot without basic programming skills. Posted on 181. 6I bought this as a simple solution to program Atmel. It worked perfectly as advertised. I would recommend to anyone. Posted on 141. 6The Arduino uno turn out to be very useful for me in my projectPosted on 111. Posted on 1. 22. Posted on 1. Expandable board with lots of online examples for various purposes. A smartphone controlled remote control car was built in couple of weekends without any previous experiences in Arduino. Posted on 1. I bought this to use with my Boe Bot. Prior to using this one I was using the Arduino Yun and wanted something more simple for the Boe Bot. It has been working great so farPosted on 1. The board is great and works well. Is especially easy as a beginner board. Posted on 1. Very great qualityI wanna buy 1. Posted on 91. Using it for a competition, and it definitely suits our needsPosted on 82. Can never have too many Arduino UnosPosted on 831.