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C-Builder-Examples-Collection_1.png' alt='Delphi 7 Serial Port' title='Delphi 7 Serial Port' />Delphi 7 Serial PortConnecting external electonics using the serial port. For hobbyists and educators. Lowcost Logic Analyzer, I2C, SPI and Asynchronous Serial Protocol Decoder, EEPROM Device Programmer, HighSpeed USB Module, Extended Hex Editor Control. I maintain an old PConly application written in Delphi 7. Although Delphi has served me very well in the past I now only use it for this one application and find my. The FT232R is the latest device to be added to FTDIs range of USB UART interface Integrated Circuit Devices. The FT232R is a USB to serial. Line 2 Toktumi Account Number is your phone number and the passcode is your login passcode it will take between 3 to 5 days to port. Kroger iwireless. RS 2. 32, serial comms, COM1, COM2. HOME. TUTORIALS INDEX. Other material for programmers. This has good information, and a search button at the bottom of the page. Please dont dismiss it because it isnt full of graphics, scripts, cookies, etcClick here if you want to know more about the source. The RS 2. 32 serial interface is a wondrous thing. It has many marvelous capabilities. It is also something Ive put of wrestling with for a long time. Search the web for How Tos and you may see why. It turns out that things are not as bad as you might think. STOP PRESS I wrote this tutorial in April of 2. In April of 2. 01. I attacked the same project again, but by then the external device I wanted to work with was the wonderful inexpensive, programmer friendly, Arduino microprocessor. I would advise you to go to the newer tutorial about talking to things over a serial cable from a Windows computer. If that doesnt tell you everything you want to know, or if it leaves you feeling that youve nearly got it, perhaps then come back here and skim whats below to see if reading a second explanation of, mostly, the same things helps. FOLLOWING COMMENTS APPLY TO WHAT FOLLOWS here, NOT TO THE new at Apr 2. DISCUSSED A MOMENT AGO. But I must admit, the last program below doesnt work yet But online resources assure me it shouldRead on. The programs presented here will do certain jobs, but they do not implement everything specified within RS 2. The big gap in my solution is that there is no handshaking. I wanted to be able to communicate with a nice little PIC based microcontroller called the Pascalite. You can learn more about that theres a free compiler and hardware simulator in my Pascalite pages. My quest for serial communications took a leap forward thanks to Robert Clemenzis FAQ answers. Much of the following is taken from there, with alterations. He himself credited the old http community. Borlands FAQ 1. 64. I subsequently did a Google search on commtimeouts delphi and turned up a number of useful things, not least Peter Johnsons good essay. Peter has written a number of articles, components and applications, all of which can be found on his web page. He also addresses how you can set the ports baud rate, etc, which I have not covered here. Yet. If you need help with the low level electronics, cables, pinouts, connectors of RS 2. Arc Electronics helpful page. Still with me, I hopeFirst well write a Delphi program which can send RS 2. Pascalite or other RS 2. The Pascalite will display what is sent to it on the Pascalites LCD display. The program in the Pascalite will be. Demo. 3RS2. 32. var b. Tmp,b. Frm. RS2. 32 byte. Nord E Sud Ita. LCD,2. 55 clears LCD. RS2. 32NewByte then begin. RS2. 32,b. Frm. RS2. LCD,b. Frm. RS2. 32. If only Windows programming was so straightforwardYou may want to visit my Pascalite tutorial if the above isnt clear to you. The Pascalite Plus has a one byte RS 2. If a second byte of data is received before the first has been processed, the first is lost. Happily, the filling of the buffer is done by an interrupt triggered routine. The Pascalite can be doing something else at the moment the bytes bits begin to arrive. Furthermore, the RS2. NewByte allows the PAscalite to know if there is an unused byte waiting in the buffer for processing. The Plus has a 3. In our simple approach to serial communication over the comm port, were going to have to do in software what can be done in hardware with more sophisticated solutions. If you think about the code given above, and the fact that theres only a single byte buffer, you will see that the machine sending information to the Pascalite must send it a character at a time, slowly enough to ensure that the Pascalite has dealt with the previous byte before the next one is sent. There are lots of ways to overcome the problems inherent in that situation, which Ill try to discuss later, but for now lets get the essentials working. Were still not ready to start our Delphi program. RS 2. 32 is fraught with many connection issues. The cable between the machines has to be right. At each end, baud rates and other things have to be set. In respect of connecting a Pascalite to a Windows machine, these issues are discussed at my Pascalite RS2. Hindi Typing Tutorials Pdf'>Hindi Typing Tutorials Pdf. For the rest of you, I will point out that the program I am going to develop here does not have parameter setting routines. Set up your Windows comm port via the Settings System Settings Device manager. Set up your remote device however it has to be done. Note in particular that you should select no handshaking, not RTSCTS, not XONXOFF. Before embarking on the Delphi program here, it would probably be best to see if you can send to your remote device using Hyperterminal. Again, my Pascalite RS2. So At last The Delphi Program. Ive tested it with Delphi 2. It is pretty simple The form has one button. When you click the button, the machine the Delphi program is running in sends a phrase to the other machine via the RS 2. First Ill list the whole program, then Ill explain odds and ends. Descent Pig And Hog Files. I used the power of Delphi to add a button to the form, and to generate the shell of Button. Click. Ive put n after lines I had to type in by hand. Windows, Messages, Sys. Utils, Classes, Graphics, Controls, Forms, Dialogs, Std. Ctrls. TDD2. 8F1 classTForm. Button. 1 TButton. Button. 1ClickSender TObject. Send. Chars. To. Send string 1. Private declarations. Public declarations. DD2. 8F1 TDD2. 8F1. Number. Written dword 2. Phrase. To. Send,Comm. Port string 3. Comm. File THandle 3. TDD2. 8F1. Send. Chars. To. Send string. Comm. Port COM1 4 start. Comm. File Create. FilePCharComm. Port. GENERICWRITE. 0. OPENEXISTING. FILEATTRIBUTENORMAL. Write. Fileh. Comm. File. PChars. To. Send. Lengths. To. Send. Number. Written. Close. Handleh. Comm. File 5. TDD2. F1. Button. ClickSender TObject. Phrase. To. Send Testing 1 2 3 6 start. Phrase. To. Send do begin. Send. Charcopys. Phrase. To. Send,c. Ill try to give you more in the way of comments another time. For now, two things to note If your comm link is via COM2, you need to alter the code in the line marked 4 start. In the line marked 2, Ive declared Number. Written to be of type dword. This disagrees with Borlands FAQ answer, but agrees with something in the other source I mentioned. So much for sending things FROM the Delphi program. Now well move on to receiving things by the Delphi program. Remember that it will be up to you to org anise things so that the machines in conversation dont interrupt each other, i. For the exercise below, we are going to have the main computer i. Delphi program be in charge. The slave a Pascalite in my case will wait on the big machine, and speak after it is spoken to. Specifically, the slaves program will be a loop looking for a message from the main machine. If an f is sent, the slave will reply with I saw an f. If something else is sent, the slave will reply with I saw something other than an f. The reply will be displayed as the caption of a label on the Delphi programs form. The Pascalite program. Hyperterminal. is as follows Demo. RS2. 32. var b. Tmp,b. Frm. RS2. 32 byte. Frm. RS2. 32 2. RS2. NewByte then begin. RS2. 32,b. Frm. RS2. Frm. RS2. 32lt 2. Frm. RS2. 321. 02 1.