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How can you find and replace text in a file using the Windows command line environment Note Be sure to see the update at the end of this answer for a link to the superior JREPL. BAT that supersedes REPL. BATJREPL. BAT 7. 0 and above natively supports unicode UTF 1. LE via the UTF option, as well as any other character set, including UTF 8, via ADO I have written a small hybrid JScriptbatch utility called REPL. BAT that is very convenient for modifying ASCII or extended ASCII files via the command line or a batch file. The purely native script does not require installation of any 3rd party executeable, and it works on any modern Windows version from XP onward. It is also very fast, especially when compared to pure batch solutions. Feb 5, 2009 Uncommon but Useful Perl Command Line Options for Oneliners Jan 28, 2004. Id take out the part from perldoc perl and replace it with the output from. SFTP command line examples explained by our expert system administrators. SFTP is a great replacement for the FTP protocol. SFTP Secure File Transfer. REPL. BAT simply reads stdin, performs a JScript regex search and replace, and writes the result to stdout. Here is a trivial example of how to replace foo with bar in test. REPL. BAT is in your current folder, or better yet, somewhere within your PATH type test. The JScript regex capabilities make it very powerful, especially the ability of the replacement text to reference captured substrings from the search text. Ive included a number of options in the utility that make it quite powerful. For example, combining the M and X options enable modification of binary files The M Multi line option allows searches across multiple lines. The X e. Xtended substitution pattern option provides escape sequences that enable inclusion of any binary value in the replacement text. The entire utility could have been written as pure JScript, but the hybrid batch file eliminates the need to explicitly specify CSCRIPT every time you want to use the utility. Connect7.jpg' alt='Escape Quote Command Line Windows Version' title='Escape Quote Command Line Windows Version' />Here is the REPL. BAT script. Full documentation is embedded within the script. XY end Harmless hybrid line that begins a JScript comment. Documentation. REPL. BAT version 6. REPL Search Replace Options Source. Var. REPL REGEXREPLACE. Performs a global regular expression search and replace operation on. Each parameter may be optionally enclosed by double quotes. The double. quotes are not considered part of the argument. The quotes are required. The quotes should also be used if the argument contains a. If called with a single argument of, then prints help documentation. If a single argument of REGEX, then opens up Microsofts. JScript regular expression documentation within your browser. Numbers Undercover. If a single. argument of Escape Quote Command Line Windows VersionIf you are on Windows version that supports. Net 2. 0, I would replace your shell. PowerShell gives you the full power of. Net from the command line. REPLACE, then opens up Microsofts JScript REPLACE. If called with a single argument of V, case insensitive, then prints. REPL. BAT. Search By default, this is a case sensitive JScript ECMA regular. JScript regex syntax documentation is available at. Replace By default, this is the string to be used as a replacement for. Full support is provided for. JScript replace method. For example, represents the portion of the source that matched. A literal. can be escaped as. An empty replacement string must be represented as. Replace substitution pattern syntax is fully documented at. USlibraryefy. 6s. Options An optional string of characters used to alter the behavior. REPL. The option characters are case insensitive, and may. A Only print altered lines. Unaltered lines are discarded. If the S options is present, then prints the result only if. The A option is. incompatible with the M option unless the S option is present. B The Search must match the beginning of a line. Mostly used with literal searches. E The Search must match the end of a line. Mostly used with literal searches. I Makes the search case insensitive. J The Replace argument represents a JScript expression. The expression may access an array like arguments object. However, is not a true array object. The. length property contains the total number of arguments. The. length value is equal to n3, where n is the. Search string. 0 is the substring that matched the Search. Arguments 0 through 1. Argument 1. 1 and above must use the square. L The Search is treated as a string literal instead of a. Also, all found in the Replace string. M Multi line mode. The entire contents of stdin is read and. This also enables preservation of the original. If the M option is not present, then every. The M option is incompatible with the A option unless the S. Note If working with binary data containing NULL bytes. M option must be used. Blake Shelton Red River Blue Deluxe Edition on this page. S The source is read from an environment variable instead of. The name of the source environment variable is. Without. the M option, anchors the beginning of the string, and the. With the M option, anchors the beginning. V Search and Replace represent the name of environment. An undefined. variable is treated as an empty string. X Enables extended substitution pattern syntax with support. Replace string. Backslash. Backspace. f Formfeed. Newline. q Quote. Carriage Return. t Horizontal Tab. Vertical Tab. xnn Extended ASCII byte code expressed as 2 hex digits. Unicode character expressed as 4 hex digits. Also enables the q escape sequence for the Search string. The other escape sequences are already standard for a regular. Search string. Also modifies the behavior of xnn in the Search string to work. ASCII byte codes. Extended escape sequences are supported even when the L option. Both Search and Replace support all of the extended. X and L opions are combined. Return Codes 0 At least one change was made. V option was used. No change was made. Invalid call syntax or incompatible options. JScript runtime error, typically due to invalid regex. REPL. BAT was written by Dave Benham, with assistance from Dos. Tips user Aacini. ASCII byte codes. Also assistance. from Dos. Tips user penpen diagnosing issues reading NULL bytes, along with a. REPL. BAT was originally posted at. Batch portion. E JScript nologo f. USlibraryefy. 6s. V. lt f. 0 cscript E JScript nologo f. REPL. BAT version 1 a. Insufficient arguments. SMILEBVXAJ nul. Invalid options. Mfindstr i Afindstr vi S nul. The Grinder Wii Iso. Incompatible options. E JScript nologo f. ERROR 1. Use REPL JScript portion. WScript. Create. ObjectWScript. Shell. EnvironmentProcess. WScript. Arguments. Item0. var replaceargs. Item1. var optionsg. Item2. to. Lower. Case. var multioptions. Ofm 0. var alterationsoptions. Ofa 0. if alterations optionsoptions. Varoptions. index. Ofs 0. if src. Var optionsoptions. Ofj 0. if jexpr optionsoptions. Ofv 0. Ofx 0. B. replacereplace. AC. replacereplace. A. replacereplace. E. replacereplace. C6. replacereplace. Ag,u. 01. 60. Bg,u. Cg,u. 01. 52. Eg,u. D. C. replacereplace. D. replacereplace. DC. replacereplace. Ag,u. 01. 61. Bg,u. A. Cg,u. 01. 53. Dg,u. D. Eg,u. 01. 7E. Fg,u. A F2u0 9a f. A F4g. String. from. Char. Codeparse. Int0x0. Bg,. searchsearch. B. searchsearch. AC. A. searchsearch. E. C6. searchsearch. Ag,u. 01. 60. Bg,u. Cg,u. 01. 52. Eg,u. D. C. searchsearch. D. searchsearch. DC.