Oracle 10G Patch Upgrade Steps

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How to fix ORA 1. TNS lost contact when try to connect to Oracle. November 2. 3, 2. Kirill Loifman Issue Oracle errorsqlplus scotttiger. B19306_01/server.102/b14238/img/dbua.gif' alt='Oracle 10G Patch Upgrade Steps' title='Oracle 10G Patch Upgrade Steps' />This is a Liquibase tutorial that shows you how to manage your database objects using the Oracle database and some Oracle tools. It also shows how branching and. SQLPlus Release 1. Production on Wed May 1. Overview. Oracle Clusterware 10g, formerly known as Cluster Ready Services CRS is software that when installed on servers running the same operating system. Cnc Dovetail Software Ltd. Copyright c 1. 98. Oracle.   All Rights Reserved. ERROR ORA 1. 25. TNS lost contact when try to connect to Oracle. Oracle 10g Patch Upgrade Steps From ObieeIssue description. I saw that TNS connection issue along with ORA 1. Oracle error several times, usually when trying to connect to Oracle database server on Unix Linux host with an OS user that does not belong to oinstall group Oracle binaries owner group. In this case, interesting enough that local TNS connection to database when using tnsnames alias works fine sqlplus scotttigerorcland only local BEQ protocol connection through an Oracle error ORA 1. ERROR ORA 1. 25. TNS lost contact. There can be different reasons of this issue, but usually the problem is in wrong privilegesownership of some Oracle binaries located in ORACLEHOMEbin directory. Adobe Premiere Pro Cs6 Video Transitions Plugins. Perhaps, Oracle database binaries were installed linked not correctly or something or somebody has changed the files ownership. Solution. Ensure the DB is up and running and you can connect locally AS SYSDBA to the database using Oracle binaries owner usually oracle oinstall Unix Linux user. If it does not work, probably you encounter a different problem. Check privileges of an Oracle file on Unix Linux host where database is running cd ORACLEHOMEbinls ltr oracle rwxr xr x    1 oracle   oinstall       1. Mar 1. 6 2. 0 3. Change permissions as below chmod 6. Mar 1. 6 2. 0 3. Usually the above operation should fix the issue but I suggest continue investigating privileges of other files to avoid further possible problems. As the matter of fact these special rights of Oracle binaries are set by ORACLEHOMEroot. Unix Linux after the Oracle installation. You can run the script again as root user, if you see more files have wrong permissions or ownership make backup before, just in case. For that I provide as an example 2 lists of oracle binary files in ORACLEHOMEbin directory with correct rights below. Oracle 1. 1g. R2 1. Linux Redhat 6. x rwsr s x. Aug 1. 4 1. 2 1. Aug 1. O rwsr x.   1 root     oinstall     7. Sep 1. 7  2. 01. 1 oradism rws x. Aug 1. 4 1. 1 0. Aug 1. Aug 1. 4 1. 1 0. Aug 1. Aug 1. 4 1. 1 0. Aug 1. Aug 1. 4 1. 1 0. Oracle 1. R2 1. Linux Redhat 4. Nov  6  2. 00. 7 extjob rwsr s   1 root   oinstall    1. Mar  1  2. 00. 6 nmb rwsr s   1 root   oinstall    1. Mar  1  2. 00. 6 nmo rwsr s x  1 oracle oinstall 9. Nov  6  2. 00. 7 oracle r sr s   1 root   oinstall    1. Nov 1. 5  2. 00. 6 oradism. Good luck and feel free to add solutions of the same issue in your comments. Enjoyed this article Please share it with others using the social site of your choice Filed under. How to, Oracle, Oracle troubleshooting, UNIX, Linux Tagsdatabase, Linux, Oracle, Oracle error, TNS, Unix.