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FINE GUNS Inventory Long Guns. Note Pictures of Commemoratives and Pedersoli items can be found on their respective pages. Tip If your browser supports it, try. Collecting Remington Model 1. Shotguns Remington Society of America. In 1. 96. 2, I joined Remington Arms Company, as a trainee, in its Shooting Promotion Department a part of Remingtons sales and marketing division. I was soon to learn all about the manufactured products, including firearms and ammunition, and all related goods. I eventually become a member of the highly respected Remington sales force. In 1. 96. 2, Remington was producing three different autoloading shotguns. These were the gas operated Sportsman 5. Remington 870 Serial Numbers For Guns' title='Remington 870 Serial Numbers For Guns' />Remington 870 Serial Numbers For GunsModel 8. Model 1. 1 4. 8 introduced in 1. Browning designed Model 1. The Sportsman 5. Model 8. Years of research and development by Wayne Leeks Firearms Research Program team also consisting of James Martin, Charles Morse, Clark Workman and R. P. Kelly would soon produce in a new autoloader which combined the best features of all three, including appearance, balance, low recoil, durability and dependability under all field and target conditions. Never having had a shotgun to my shoulder before, I went out to Remingtons gun club, located in Stratford. Connecticut. The Lordship Gun Club had been around since the 1. A great place to learn to shoot skeet and trap. If one didnt know how to shoot. I started with skeet, using a Remington Model 8. Needless to say, I soon became an avid skeet and trap shooter. The Remington 870 shotgun. If anyone can think of a more iconic scattergun let me know, because Im pretty sure this is the tops. Star of stage and screen and. In December 1. 96. Remingtons National Sales Meeting, with salesmen from all over the country, we learned about a new shotgun that was said to reduce recoil up to 5. Wow The newly introduced Model 1. I soon switch my allegiance from the Model 8. Model 1. 10. 0 and started shooting even more trap at Lordship. The Model 1. 10. 0 was officially introduced to the trade, in January 1. In the spring of 1. Shooting Promotion, Curt Clair, recruited Dick Baldwin, Earl Larson. The Model 1. 10. 0 Story. I was proud to participate in this achievement. Initially, the walnut stock and forend of the Model 1. Dupont finish called RKW. It was a tough polyurethane product that was very hard to scratch and made the grain of the wood stand out. It was tougher than the finish on a bowling pin The receiver was made from a solid block of steel for strength and durability, and it was polished inside and out for smooth operation. The receiver had a high gloss exterior finish with a scroll design on both sides. The gas system is self cleaning, self adjusting and designed to use the correct amount of gas to operate the action, resulting in up to 5. This was a significant amount, particularly when shooting many shells over a short period of time, such as when shooting trap. The Model 1. 10. 0 is very simple to take apart for cleaning. Just remove the forend, and pull the barrel forward. The gas system that is located on the outside of the magazine tube is then exposed for cleaning. Over the years the unique design characteristics of the Model 1. The following is the chronology of introduction of various models 1. Remington introduced the Model 1. The initial guns were 1. Field Grade plain barrel at 1. Magnum Duck Guns chambered for 3 magnum shells, with plain barrel at 1. SA Skeet Grade 1. SC Skeet Grade 2. TB Trap Grade 2. High grade Model 1. D Tournament Grade 5. F Premier Grade 1,0. Remington Model 1. TB Trap Shotgun. Remington Model 1. SA Skeet Shotgun. Remington Model 1. Magnum Duck Gun. Remington Model 1. Field Gun. 19. 64. Remington introduced 1. Model 1. 10. 0 to the Field, Magnum and Skeet Model 1. Concurrently, the company introduced 1. Field and 2. 0 gauge Field, Magnum and Skeet versions. Remington introduced a new Model 1. Lightweight 2. 0 Gauge Shotgun with standard 2. Field and Skeet models. The plain barrel version 1. Model 1. 10. 0 SA Skeet version with vent rib barrel 1. In 1. 96. 6, Remington also introduced the Model 1. Deer Gun, a 1. 2 gauge gun with 2. It also featured a checkered American walnut stock and fore end, and a rubber recoil pad with white line spacer. It retailed for 1. In 1. 96. 6, Remington Arms Company celebrated its 1. Anniversary by introducing two commemorative versions of the Model 1. A total of 2,9. 29 of these shotguns were sold in 1. Remington Model 1. Deer Gun. 19. 69. Prior to 1. 96. 9, the Model 1. Beginning this year, Remington began making. Initially they were only available as Model 1. Matched Pairs a. Field and Skeet versions. Both plain and vent rib barrels were available. The Field gun came with mahogany stock and fore end, and Skeet guns came in American walnut. The. 4. 10 and 2. They retailed for 4. A total of 5,0. 67 Matched Pairs were sold in 1. Later in the year, Remington began offering the Model 1. Stocks and fore ends were made of lightweight mahogany, and either gauge was available with plain or vent rib barrel. In 1. 96. 9, Remington also introduced a 2. Model 1. 10. 0 Deer Gun, which had a 2. Remington introduced a Model 1. Lightweight Field Gun which was built on a smaller 2. This gun was available with plain barrel 1. Also in this year, Remington began marketing Model 1. SA Skeet guns in. These were available with 2. In this year Remington added a Model 1. Lightweight in 3 magnum gun, weighing 6lbs1. Pink Velvet 2 Rapidshare. Plain 2. 8, full choke barrel guns cost 2. In January of this year, Remington Arms Company proudly advertised producing the one millionth Model 1. In only nine years of production the Model 1. Model 1. 1 autoloading shotgun, which was in production for more than 4. That historic shotgun is serial numbered L5. M. Also in January, Remington introduced a reversed, mirror image, Left Hand. Remington Model 1. Matched Pairs. 4. Field and Skeet versions first introduced in 1. Model 1. 10. 0 in 1. Field Grade 1. 2 gauge with 3. Magnum Grade 1. 2 gauge only with 3 chamber and 3. SA Skeet Grade 1. Trap Grade 1. 2 gauge only available with regular trap for 2. Monte Carlo style stock, and 3. Remington introduced a special limited edition Model 1. Ducks Unlimited Commemorative Shotgun, a 1. This shotgun was available only in 1. Ducks Unlimited organization. The right side of the receiver was roll stamped with a simple gold colored scroll pattern. Centered on the left side of the receiver panel is a multi colored bronze medallion depicting a canvasback duck, the Ducks Unlimited mallard head logo, flanked by decorative scroll work. At the lower left, stamped in gold colored script is Remington Model 1. TM and on the lower right is the serial number preceded by DU. Six hundred of these guns were sold directly to DU Chapters for fund raising dinners in 1. Remington introduced the Model 1. TBMC Trap Gun, in 1. This gun featured a figured and checkered stock and fore end, and had a rubber recoil pad. A Monte Carlo style stock was optional. A left hand version of this gun was also available 2 6. Due to a shortage of American walnut, in mid year Remington began fitting some Model 1. Model 8. 70 Field Grade shotguns with lightweight mahogany stocks and forends. In January, Remington introduced a 1. Model 1. 10. 0 TB Trap Gun in right and left hand versions, with select American walnut in regular Trap or Monte Carlo style stock, rubber recoil pad, and ventilated rib. Advertising stated that this gun gives the shooter the All Events competitive edge. Prices ranged from 3. To honor Americas Bicentennial Remington brought out four commemorative 1. Model 1. 10. 0 Model 1.