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Sacred-2-Fallen-Angel-Cover.jpg' alt='Sacred Save Game' title='Sacred Save Game' />Sacred Duty A Protection Paladin Blog. Avoidance and diminishing returns are topics weve spent a fair amount of time discussing in the past. In 2. 01. 2, I wrote a series of threeblogposts discussing avoidance diminishing returns in Mists of Pandaria, chronicling the background of the formulas the community uses, numerically fitting data sets to determine the diminishing returns coefficients, and eventually discussing what those equations mean for gearing. We used similar fitting techniques to find values for druids and monks. Later that year, we used a more precise data set collected with the Statslog addon to fine tune the values for paladins and uncover some wonky rounding in the block calculation. Sacred Save Game Editor Download' title='Sacred Save Game Editor Download' />And in 2. It seemed at first like Warlords of Draenor was going to be an easy expansion in that regard. Celestalon has outright given us the strength to parry and agility to dodge coefficients and the diminishing returns coefficients for each class. Fire Emblem The Sacred Stones is a tactical roleplaying game developed by Intelligent Systems, and published by Nintendo for the Game Boy Advance handheld video. YuGiOh The Sacred Cards known as YuGiOh Duel Monsters 7 The Duelcity Legend in Japan, is an RPGstyle game for the Game Boy Advance. For the first time. While the provided coefficients are in the format of their internal diminishing returns formula, which is a little different from the version the community usually uses, translating between the two is not difficult. And yet. First, some quick tests uncovered a bug in the calculation of base parry, which Blizzard subsequently fixed. And in the past two weeks, Ive discovered another oddity, which Ive detailed below. As usual with TC1. Ill give the results up front for reference and those that dont want to scroll to the bottom to get them, and then start talking about how we performed the tests. SV7nQOori.jpg' alt='Sacred Save Game Editor' title='Sacred Save Game Editor' />Sacred Save GameWhats Changed. The diminishing returns DR formulas for Wo. D have changed very little from the Mists versions. In fact, the most significant changes are to the contributions that are not affected by DR. In Mists, base strength and agility add an amount of parry or dodge, respectively, that is unaffected by DR. In Warlords, that contribution has changed in the following ways Strength no longer grants parry for druids and monks, and agility no longer grants dodge for paladins, warriors, and death knights. They have subtracted out the non DR parry and dodge contributions from base strength and agility, such that base parry and dodge should be exactly 3. NPCs plus any race or spec based passives. For example, a night elf would have 5. Quickness, as would a paladin thanks to Sanctuary. However there are a few quirks. They have subtracted out the contribution due to the class portion of base strength, but not the portion due to the racial strength modifier. That racial strength modifiers contribution is also not affected by DR. So a gnome warrior 5 racial strength modifier would have 2. The same is true for the racial agility modifiers contribution to dodge. Finally, theres probably a small error in the strength subtraction, because all strength tanks regardless of race are getting a phantom 0. The last quirk is the interesting one, because its a bug. Not a game breaking bug, mind you were talking about about 0. For most people, theyll never even be perceptible. Nonetheless, its worth noting because its just barely large enough that it could cause a slight discrepancy between calculated and character sheet parry values if not accounted for. For example, if your theorycrafted parry is 2. Ive informed Blizzard of the bug, but Ive been told that given their programmers workload and the tiny magnitude of the effect, we should not expect to see it fixed. Warlords of Draenor Diminishing Returns Formulas. Since Blizzard has kindly provided us with the diminishing returns coefficients, Ive chosen to use their formula rather than the communitys traditional one. In the next section Ill show how to convert the coefficients provided by Blizzard into the conventional ones you might be familiar with. In the following equations, textParry. Sacred Save Game' title='Sacred Save Game' />People Of CoalRich Northern Cheyenne Torn Between Jobs and Sacred Culture Despite high unemployment and poverty, the tribe has never touched the billions. Fire Emblem The Sacred Stones Fai Emuburemu Seima no Kseki lit. Fire. America has a vacation problem. Or a nottakingvacation problem, to be more precise. Last year, U. S. workers left an astounding 662 million vacation days unu. Factor, textDodge. Factor, textBlock. Factor, textVertical. Stretch, and textHorizontal. Shift are the class specific Blizzard DR coefficients given in the table at the end of this section. QS and QA are the level dependent and class specific strength to parry and agility to dodge conversion factors. Base. Str and textclass. Base. Agi are class dependent base stat values, and textrace. Str. Mod and textrace. Agi. Mod are the racial stat modifiers. Strength, textAgility, textMastery, textparry. Rating, and textdodge. Rating are your character sheet values for each of these stats. Note that Im giving these equations in percent form. In other words, a textbonus. Parry of 1. 5. 3 is 1. If using decimal form e. Parry0. 1. 53 there is an extra factor of 1. Vertical. Stretch. The easiest way to accommodate this is to just multiply textVertical. Stretch by 1. 00. The diminishing returns equations for parry are textbase. Parry 3. 0. 0 left textrace. Str. Mod 0. 0. 73. QStextbonus. Parry left textStrength textclass. Cracked Converter. Base. Str textrace. Str. Mod right times QS textparry. Rating 1. 62beginalign texttotal. Parry textbase. Parry  textbonus. Parryleft textbonus. Parry times textParry. Factortimes textVertical. Stretch textHorizontal. Shift right endalignThe diminishing returns equations for dodge are textbase. Dodge 3. 0. 0 textrace. Agi. Modtimes QA textracialspec passives. Dodge left textAgility textclass. Base. Agi textrace. Agi. Mod right times QA textdodge. Rating 1. 62beginalign texttotal. Dodge textbase. Dodge textbonus. Dodgeleft textbonus. Dodgetimes textDodge. Factortimes textVertical. StretchtextHorizontal. Shift right endalignThe diminishing returns equations for block are textbase. Block 3. 0. 0 textspec passives. Block textroundtextMasterytimes QM times 1. Block textbase. Block textbonus. Blockleft textbonus. Blocktimes textBlock. Factortimes textVertical. StretchtextHorizontal. Shift right endalignThe tables below summarize the constants in these formulas for different tank specs. Constants By Class. Constant. Death Knight. Druid. Monk. Paladin. Warrior. Parry. Factor. Dodge. Factor. 1. Block. Factor. 11. Vertical. Stretch. Horizontal. Shift. Base. Str. 14. 55. Base. Agi. 10. 71. QS begincases 11. Death Knight, Paladin, Warrior 0 text otherwiseendcasesQA begincases 11. Druid, Monk 0 textotherwiseendcasesQM begincases 1 textPaladin 0. Warrior 0 textotherwiseendcasesRace Stat Modifiers. Racerace. Str. Modrace. Agi. Mod. Human. 00. Dwarf. 5 4. Night Elf 4. Orc. 3 3. Tauren. Undead 1 2. Gnome 5. Troll. 12. Blood Elf 3. Draenei. 1 3. Goblin 3. Worgen. 32. Pandaren. Background. Blizzards formula for diminishing returns looks a little different than the one the community generally uses. If you read community guides including my old posts on the subject, we tend to use a two parameter formula texttotal. Parry textbase. Parry 1 left frac1Cp fracktextbonus. Parry right where Cp is the parry cap or dodge cap Cd or block cap Cb for the other formulas and k is a class dependent constant. Geometric Constructions Game with Straightedge and Compass. To master something new you have to start with the very beginning. Euclidea will guide you through the basics like line and angle bisectors, perpendiculars, etc. It will offer you really complicated tasks only after youve learned the fundamentals. Innerouter tangents, regular hexagons and golden section will become a real challenge even for those experienced in Euclidean construction.