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GT Serial Numbers BMXmuseum. Here is an email I got from an actual employee of GT If the bike frame was manufactured at the Santa Ana CA facility, the first three or four digits of the serial number should be letters abbreviating the model or size of the frame such as XL, XXL, CR2. The next part of the serial number is eight numeric digits. The first four numbers should be a two digit month followed by a two digit year. The last four digits are the serialization digits 0. USB_Long_Acan_laser_BARCODE_SCANNER_BAR_CODE_READER_634656947504742933_2.jpg' alt='Simple Serial Wedge' title='Simple Serial Wedge' />Perhaps the first example of a human made device designed to manage power is the hand axe, made by chipping flint to form a wedge. A wedge is a simple machine that. MKP33 Weedless Wedge 2 MOTOR MODELS WITH SERIAL NUMBER PREFIX WWAF THROUGH WWAI OR J THROUGH Q Engine Mount 80, 101, 160, 202 Fortrex 80, 101 Maxxum 80, 101. This is a instructable for a very simple Arduino controlled electric lock. The key idea here is to be very simple as this was more of a proof of concept prototyp. Here is an email I got from an actual employee of GT If the bike frame was manufactured at the Santa Ana CA facility, the first three or four digits of the serial. Major news events like Hurricane Harvey produce thousands of photos, and thousands more tweets and Facebook posts of fake, outdated or outofcontext photos. Indian Economic Services Syllabus 2012 Pdf. This. These Are The Sex Toys That Every Couple Should Try. S-XLH-8000B_5.jpg' alt='Simple Serial Wedge' title='Simple Serial Wedge' />If the frame was made overseas in Taiwan, it gets more complicated. If the number starts with a K, the frame was made by Kinesis. Thats the only one I remember off the top of my head. There were at least four companies in Taiwan that made the GT lines Robinson, Dyno, Powerlite and Auburn includedThe first digit would be a letter designating the factory that made the frame. There might also be a second letter digit specifying the factory that assembled the bike, if applicable. The model and year of production was also coded by a letter, so you wont be able to spot a two digit month and two digit year. Before I left, I was writing a specification to standardize all of the serial numbers because GT was starting to send most of its US production to other US fabrication shops. The information might also come in handy for deciphering other makes because the factories in Taiwan make bikes for a lot of different companies. I am tinkering around with the idea of starting to make my own frames, kind of on a one off basis. Wpa Cracking Gpu Benchmark on this page. I am also teaching welding at a local community college. Daisy Red Ryder Bb Gun Serial Numbers. S-XLH-3804_5.jpg' alt='Simple Serial Wedge' title='Simple Serial Wedge' />BCWedge is a very simple data collection software product designed primarily for barcode scanners and other simple serial devices like digital calipers and some. Find the JL Audio CS112LGTW12 and other Car Audio LowProfile PowerWedge Subwoofer Systems at the official JL Audio site. WinWedge Standard is designed as a simple program for interfacing most typical RS232 serial devices to a PC. It has two modes for passing incoming serial data. By the way, did I tell you that the guy ran GTs in house fabrication for the last ten years he recently retired was none other than Gilbert Axt. Who Do you remember Race, Inc. That was Gilbert. He also did the original PK Ripper for SE Racing. History, man. It might be a really cool thing if I can track down Gilbert now and interview him for you. THAT is the kind of stuff that belongs in the BMX Museum Later. Ill write you when I get a chance. Dan Garcia and here is the updates, thanks to love thegoose Michael Swell we get a good bit of gt serials that could be identified by the owner, if they only had the tips that some of us have learned, so i will post what i know, and anyone with more knowledge can add to it. M1 followed by 0. M1 stands for mach one that is your model gt. I for interceptor and so on. Here is another example. KGCG2. 29. 7 this one gets a little complicated. Kenisis, an overseas company. G. this isnt always there, but if so, this is where it was assembled, ever notice the built in usa sticker on your gt or dyno this is what that letter is there for. C. C is the 3rd letter in the alphabet, and march is the 3rd month, so march is the build month. G this is the year. G is the 7th letter in the alphabet, so this would be a 1.