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Episodes 9. 7 4 seasons, 1 is feature length split into two parts for rerunsThe Enterprise. Enterprise. The cast in Season 1. The cast in Season 3. First and second season logo. Mirror universe logo. Star Trek Enterprise originally titled Enterprise until Season 3 is the fifth live action TV series set in the Star Trek universe and the sixth in total. Created by Rick Berman and Brannon Braga, and based upon Gene Roddenberrys classic 1. Star Trek and its subsequent spin offs, Enterprise was a prequel, set a century before the time of Kirk and Spock. The series followed the voyages of the first starship. Enterprise and mankinds first steps into the final frontier. Initially titled as simply Enterprise, the series ran an abbreviated four seasons. The series debuted in 2. United Paramount Network replacing Star Trek Voyager. It was cancelled in 2. As of 2. 01. 7, due to its status as a prequel series, Enterprise is the only Star Trek production whose continuity is not affected by the events of the 2. James T. Kirk, making it the only TV series in the Star Trek universe to remain in continuity in both the prime and alternate realities. Perhaps the most controversial of all the Star Trek spin offs, and certainly the most polarizing, Enterprise was created in the hopes of revitalizing the Star Trek franchise since ratings for the previous series, Star Trek Voyager, had waned near the end. Intended to be more modern, with characters far from Gene Roddenberrys 2. Utopian Humanity, Enterprise was situated in one of the least explored eras in the Star Trek universe and a time only 1. Enterprise was set in the 2. Federation and while United Earth was just becoming a player in interstellarpolitics. The producers under the guidance of Roddenberrys successor, Rick Berman sought to set the series apart from those that had come before, creating nearly every set, prop and costume anew and tending toward a more encompassing, you are there style of storytelling. According to comments made by Executive Producer Brannon Braga in discussions with fans at Trek. Movie. com, Bermans original idea for the series was to have the entire first season set on Earth as Humanitys first ever warp starship was constructed. This was soon decided to be too far removed from the style of the franchise as a whole, and so the premise was redrafted. Enterprise, like Star Trek Deep Space Nine before it, featured numerous story arcs throughout its run. Story lines included the Temporal Cold War and the Xindi arc that took up the shows entire third season. The series was the first to incorporate lyrics into its opening theme song unused lyrics did exist for the original series fanfare it also did not include the words Star Trek in its title until the third season episode Extinction. Like its predecessor, Star Trek Voyager, Enterprise aired on UPN, rather than in first run syndication like TNG and DS9. Premiering on 2. 6 September. Broken Bow garnered a 9. Ratings, however, declined over the next few seasons, dipping to an average 2. As early as the second season, rumors of the shows imminent cancellation pushed the producers to find new directions to take the series. Beginning with the series third season, Enterprise adopted a darker tone and a more violent arc, in some ways mirroring the post 91. While many critics were impressed with the new pull of the series, ratings remained low, and the show was canceled at the end of its fourth season. Even so, Enterprise accomplished a number of technical firsts for a Star Trek series. It was the first series to air in high definition, with Exile being the first episode to air in that format. It was produced with third generation Sony HDTV cameras starting in Season 4 the first 3 seasons were filmed with traditional 3. X. The series was also the first to be produced in widescreen format. Enterprise was nominated for five individual Saturn Awards, won an ASCAP Award in 2. Top TV Series, was nominated for seventeen Emmy Awards, winning four, and two episodes were nominated for Hugo Awards. Plot summary Edit. Launched in the year 2. NX classstarship. Enterprise, the first of United Earths advanced warp five vessels was at first on temporary assignment. Though years of preparation still lay ahead, the ship was unexpectedly put into service when a Klingonnational crash landed on Earth, putting the entire planet at stake should he not make it back to his people. Under the command of United Starfleet. Captain. Jonathan Archer, son of the famed scientist. Henry Archer, the crew of Enterprise succeeded in their mission, but found themselves surrounded by deeper mysteries. Warranting the extension of their assignment into a full blown mission of deep space exploration, the crew of Enterprise set off into the unknown, taking with them a Vulcanscience officer or chaperone named TPol and a Denobulandoctor named Phlox. Enterprises first years were rocky while the ship made contact with such species as the Suliban and the previously mentioned Klingons, such contact was not peaceful. In its first two years alone, the ships crew found themselves in armed conflict with a range of species from the Tholians to the Coridan to the Borg. By its third year in space, an alien species known as the Xindi brutally attacked Earth, killing millions. The NX 0. 1 was dispatched to a remote and previously uncharted area of space known as the Delphic Expanse in order to prevent the Xindi from completing their ultimate goal of destroying Humanity. While the mission was successful, after nearly a year in the Expanse, the ship suffered severe damage and many losses. Upon returning home, Enterprise served a more diplomatic role in the service of United Earth, easing relations between the Vulcans, the Andorians, and the Tellarites, and paving the way toward a Coalition of Planets, an alliance that would eventually lead to the founding of the United Federation of Planets. Though still often tumultuous, Enterprise continued its mission of exploration as well, bringing Humans in contact with even more new worlds and new civilizations. Main cast. Edit. Star Trek Enterprise was the only live action Star Trek series to complete its run without a change in the cast. Star Trek The Animated Series also didnt have a change in the main voice cast during its two seasons. Recurring characters. Edit. Production crew. Edit. Rick Berman Co Creator, Executive Producer, Writer. Brannon Braga Co Creator, Executive Producer, Writer. Chris Black Co Executive Producer, Writer. Manny Coto Co Executive Producer, Writer. John Shiban Co Executive Producer, Writer. David A. Goodman Supervising Producer, Writer. Ken La. Zebnik Supervising Producer, Writer. Mike Sussman Producer, Writer. Alan Brennert Producer, Writer. Andr Bormanis Executive Story Editor, Science Consultant, Writer. Alan Kobayashi Graphic Designer. Dawn Velazquez Producer. Episode list. Edit. ENT Season 1, 2. 5 episodes. Requiem The Arrival Rar more. ENT Season 2, 2. 6 episodes. ENT Season 3, 2. 4 episodes. ENT Season 4, 2. 2 episodes. Proposed Season 5 stories. Edit. See Undeveloped Star Trek Enterprise episodes. Related topics. Edit. Enterprises opening title sequence is notable, featuring the Enterprise OV 1. Star Trek, an interesting paradox.