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How to disable the screen orientation hotkeys in Windows XP Im using Eclipse in Windows XP. One of my favorite shortcuts is CTRLALTDOWN or CTRLALTUP to duplicate a line. I just found that on this machine XP Think. Pad, with NVIDIA graphics driver, this is has the effect of fliping the screen upside down, which I will rarely use. How can I disable this Or, if that is difficult, is there a way to give Eclipse hotkeys precedence over any other hotkeysWindows Keystrokes To Rotate Display ShortcutHi, Automatic cycle between open tabs in IE9 or IE 8 at some sort of interval and display in full screen mode that needs scripts, I suggest you post your. Excel macros and usage notes to help beginners and fairly advanced users work with Excel spreadsheets. David McRitchie over 200 Excel web pages. By default Windows uses a power plan to save energy by auto turning off the display when there is no activity for a given period. Heres a selection of small tools. Windows Keystrokes To Rotate Display' title='Windows Keystrokes To Rotate Display' />Im not sure if this is an OS feature or a background utility, or a function of the graphics driver, but any suggestions that would help me track this down and eliminate it would be appreciated. Ive looked through the choices on the NVIDIA control panel, and I dont find any hotkey options. Sams Laser FAQ Commercial Solid State Lasers. While not specified to be Single Longitudinal Mode SLM or single. SLM. Of. two samples Ive tested, one was nearly pure SLM and the other was. SLM once locked. In both cases, during the locking. The laser head has two pump laser diodes unlike the single one in. DPY3. 15. II. They are each fed by a programmable current source. One time only If the X login screen is running and you just want to connect to it once i. It is usually possible to do this by just adjusting the. Im using Eclipse in Windows XP. One of my favorite shortcuts is CTRLALTDOWN or CTRLALTUP to duplicate a line. I just found that on this machine XP ThinkPad. Whats better than serving gin and tonics at a party Having a whole gin and tonic bar, thats what. A few weeks ago I went to an event for Beefeater in San. TECs. The typical current limit seems to be. A range, which suggests that they are each rated at. The controllerpower supply box contains a massive DC power supply. DC DC converters for the laser diode and TEC drivers, and the microprocessor. There are actually 6 plug in driver boards. I assume consist of 2 for the LDs and 4 for the TECs. Of the. latter, 2 are probably for the LDs and the other 2 are for the doubler KTP. Python Gui Example Program here. The microcontroller assembly is similar to the one in the DPY3. Windows Keystrokes To Rotate Display IphoneIIs separate. RS2. 32 interface is concerned though no doubt optimized. Despite the controllerpower supply box being the size of a desktop PC. Laser OnOff pushbutton. A toggle switch to operate the optional shutter. There is a red Power LED, a set of flashing yellow Emission LEDs. Laser OnOff switch, a red or yellow CALSCAL. LED, and a green READY LED. CAL and SCAL can only be initiated manually. RS2. 32 interface there are no buttons on the front panel for. DPY3. 15. II lasers. For general operation and behavior, please refer to the previous section. DPY3. 15. II lasers. There is also a firmware log there that shows. I have tested two samples of the DPY4. II. They both date from around. Laser 1 truly tests like new, despite having had almost 6,0. This is still young with 1. It is capable of maintaining well over 5. W. Laser 2 only has around 6. W. Back to Commercial Solid State Lasers Sub Table of. Coherent Compass M Green DPSS Lasers. Note Information on adjustment and repair of these lasers has been moved. SS Laser Testing, Adjustment. Originally, there were three lasers in this family The C2. M, C3. 15. M, and. C4. 15. M. They are all very high quality 1. W green. DPSS laser manufactured by Coherent, Inc. It is one of their Compass series. Information and datasheets may be found. Product, Lasers, Diode Pumped Solid State Lasers, and. CW DPSS Lasers links at their Web site. Now as of 2. 01. SLM C1. M discussed. The C5. M uses. C3. 15. M, but it is not known whether this is always. There was also an older OEM model called the C3. M FP, a fiber coupled. C3. 15. M controller. The C1. 15. M and C3. M FP described after the C2. M, C3. 15. M, and C4. M. These lasers were originally developed by a company named Adlas Advanced. Design Lasers in Germany. Adlas was bought by Coherent but only the newer. Coherent part number. They all appear to still be. Germany. Older C3. Ms have a DPY3. 15. M model number but. PCB which. are mostly artwork related, they appear functionally identical. There were a number of earlier Adlas models with a similar basic design. See the sections starting. Adlas 3. 00 Green DPSS Laser. The third generation Adlas laser designs which includes the C2. M, C3. 15. M, and. C4. 15. M, were a major upgrade and so Coherent than just bought Adlas to. The Ads for the Adlas. DPY 3. 15. M only ran for a couple months and then they came out as Coherent. According to information that used to be on the Coherent Web site, the C2. M. and C3. 15. M are supposed to be single frequency single longitudinal mode. The only reference still present there. Comparison Chart for Continuous Wave CW Solid. State Diode Pumped Laser Systems at the bottom of the CW DPSS Lasers. The Coherent Web site has been flip flopping on this over. Unlike the. Coherent 5. DPSS laser, these do not use a ring cavity but. Fabry Perot linear. KTP were used in conjunction with the Brewster plate to. KTP had surfaces coated or uncoated to. Both of these appear likely. See the cavity. descriptions, below, and the section. Birefringence or Etalon Effect Used for Mode. Selection in C3. 15. M Since the spec is no longer present, I wonder if. One current specification in. RMS from 1. 0 Hz to 1 GHz for the C3. M and C4. 15. M and 0. RMS for the. C2. 15. M. This would most likely be orders of magnitude higher. And I did do some tests of. C3. 15. M laser head and indications are that it is indeed single. See the section. Testing the C3. M. Laser Head for Single Frequency Operation, which also includes some. However, note that the Coherent chart. C4. 15. M is broadband meaning not single frequency, yet it still. Ive only known of a few C3. M lasers that operated non single frequency. Coherent controller. One would just mode hop. Hz between two very clean modes at certain power. Another had ghost modes at any power setting with associated spiking. And a third would do this but mostly at higher power. However, I was able to get a randomly selected C3. M laser. head to produce a low level but stable second mode when driven using. Nd YAG gain curve. But it would run reliably single frequency on the. Coherent controller. Also, some units will briefly go to non SLM during. KTP andor RES temperature is changing. Ive also seen one C3. M that produced a very low level less than 2. None of this is particularly conclusive with. C3. 15. M lasers because Ive never seen one. All those Ive tested have been either removed from service due to. Adlas and Coherent have both waffled on guaranteeing SLM operation. They will only say that most of the units are SLM most of the time. I assume that when stabilized near the middle of the gain curve, they. SLM. But if the controller gets carried away trying. SLM operation. And some units are more prone. Most of the information below is for the C3. M since these laser heads have. Coherent Analog. Controller LD and TEC driver unit with analog user interface, and. Digital Controller which plugs into the Analog. Controller and adds a computer interface but doesnt subtitute for. Analog Controller. The C3. 15. M is available in. W though the most common one on the. W rated version, the C3. M 1. 00. The output. The maximum user adjustable power may be set by. There is no modulation capability. There is also a Coherent Compass 4. M which is higher power versions up to. W but bears much similarity to the C3. M. However, it was. It uses a slightly different and. The. head PCB which includes the personality settings for the laser is more. C3. 15. M. see below but its possible that the actual internal wiring of the head. At least there are the same number of pins going inside. See the sections starting with C4. M. Laser Head for more info. Most references to the C4. M have now. disappeared from the Coherent Web site as it is no longer being. The other laser in the original Compass M family is the C2. M, a lower power. W. It is much more similar to the C3. M than. the C4. 15. M but the controller is definitely not the same and has a lower. The overall system is probably. C3. 15. M. I have tested a C2. M 7. 5 laser head on both. C2. 15. M and C3. M controllers and it works fine. But whether the stability. C3. 15. M controller is not known, though. Id expect them to be similar. Due to the method of construction, all three of these lasers should retain. Everything internally is fastened by. A fall onto a concrete floor. In 2. 00. 5, Coherent has added a C1. M laser to its product line. This is. a low power 5 or 1. W laser which uses a very different design. It. has obviously been cost reduced the blurb even says so, as the controller.